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QuikSnap is a customized sunshade that uses snap-on mechanism to latch onto the car window without involving the use of clips, magnets or suction cups. It covers the entire window allowing the user to achieve the desired level of protection and privacy while enhancing the beauty of the car at the same time.

QuikSnap provides protection against harmful Ultraviolet rays from the sun that may cause sunburn and is perfect for kids as their skin is more sensitive than adults. The custom fit design provides the perfect alternative to tints at a much lower price and includes the on-demand feature that tints lack. While the cheapest tints on the market run upwards of $130, early pledgers will have an opportunity to preorder a complete set of QuikSnap sunshades for$49 that includes all four side windows.

QuikSnap provides a perfect fit for the windows covering all the edges and curves for optimized performance. The precise design along with the flexible material doesn’t let it fall off once installed.

QuikSnap’s internal frame comprises of an eleven gauge wire and the cloth is made up of polyester which is refined before use and goes through comprehensive quality check to ensure proper fitting. The frame went through several stages of development and rigorous testing to ensure the perfect blend of flexibility, strength and endurance.

QuikSnap’s unique patent pending mechanism has been engineered to provide the perfect combination of protection and privacy. The color and design have been incorporated to blend in completely with the color of the car. The user-friendly design ensures that people of all age groups can use it without requiring assistance.