Long summer days require car sun protector to keep your loved ones protected against the harmful rays. QuikSnap produces the best custom car sun shade that are equipped with the features like  Anti-Glare, Heat Control, Privacy Protection & UV Protection. The beaming sun often makes the ride unbearable for the driver and passengers too. With car sun shades the windows can be covered blocking the entry of the sunlight. The best way to block the sunlight is to use the polyester screen made from polyester fabric that absorbs the sun rays and does not let the rays to pass through the window. The QuikSnap sun shade are the custom sun shade for car as it uses the premium polyester screen to block the sunlight to enter. Thus, the use of QuikSnap car sun shades makes it easier for the driver and passengers to travel especially the long routes that too on sunny days.

Protect Yourself from UV Rays

With climate changes, the temperatures are rising. Moreover, the sun is radiating harmful rays more than ever due to depletion of ozone layer. The harmful UV rays can cause cancer and other skin problems. Therefore, it is recommended to protect the skin. There are skincare products that help but can you apply it every every few hours? Probably not because we all are busy. Moreover, almost every person goes out each day and risks their skin to harmful ways. So, whenever you are in car, put the car sun shade to protect your skin. There are different types of car window shades. However, some might not feel the need arguing that the car window glass can block the harmful rays but thats not the case. Though glass does block the sunlight but according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, more than 50 percent of UVA rays, which contribute to both skin cancer and premature aging, can penetrate glass. Thus, it is important to use car window shades that can block the harmful UVA rays and QuikSnap car shades are the ideal pick to stay safe and at the same time enjoy your ride too. 


The car sun shades are important to keep your car cool especially on hot days. It is a major put off when you have start off your day with a steamy hot car seat. Even it takes air conditioner to take some time to cool the car. Meanwhile, your ironed clothes are drenched in sweat. To avoid this, use the QuikSnap best sun shade for car especially designed by a twelve-guage wire frame customized with utmost precision, tailored around is the finest quality polyester cloth and wrapped in a soft storage bag. Every car has different interior and exterior. Keeping in mind that, QuikSnap offers customization of car window shades. So, if you are looking for best custom car sun shade then make a purchase from our website that will offer you premium sun shades that will keep you cool while traveling. 

How to find Perfect Car Sun Shade?

Sometimes it is a problem for people to find the right size of shade of their car. QuikSnap has taken care of this and provides a wide range of premium car sun shade that will fit right to your car window. It is very important to cover the windows properly otherwise the purpose is not fulfilled. With the right sun shade you can protect your car’s interior too. People like to customize their seat covers and since leather is all in so people try to customize their seats with leather covers. No matter how good they look but the downside is that they can get warm quickly when exposed to sunlight. So, people who have leather seat covers, need car sun protectors so it is easier for them to start their ride without having to burn their back. 


QuikSnap keeps in mind that children are on board too. The heat and UVA rays are very harmful for children especially infants. Even If your infant car seat has a canopy, many parents get away with simply pulling it down on sunny days, but this may frustrate curious babies who enjoy looking around. So, having car window sun shades that are fitted right as per the car window not only protects the child but the mesh fabric allows the child to look around and enjoy the ride too. For children, it is important to take into consideration that products with little to no metal or plastic, should be used. The QuikSnap sun shades does not have any plastic or metal product that can harm the child. Even if the sun shades are placed down and the kid is playing, it won’t be harmful for him or her. 


Indeed QuikSnap sun shades are the best car sunshade as they provide protection against the heat, harmful rays and comes in customized sizes, matching your car window size. So, if you are looking for premium quality car window sun shades, QuikSnap is your go to place!