As we all know that global warming is up to the rise from the last couple of decades. Researchers suggest that the Ozone layer that surrounds the earth (stratosphere) is continuously damaged by the pollution caused by mankind. The holes caused in the ozone layer are the reason that Ultra Violet sun rays can flow through and are not filtered. The whole process paints a picture where the heat level of this planet’s atmosphere is increasing every year. Glaciers are melting, sea levels are increasing. I as an individual have personally felt like most of the others that every year the summers are getting harder to bare. The scorching heat drives one crazy.
So here is what we do. Everyone has to play their part to reduce the damage and prevent it from happening and put a full stop to it.

What we can do to decrease pollution

  • Stop Consuming plastic bags
  • Consuming less natural fuel
  • Using Hybrid Technologies
  • Avoid Appliances and products with CFC’s
  • Plant as many trees as one could
  • Use public transport.
  • Recycle and Reuse. 
  • Say no to forest fires Smoking should be banned
  • Use converters for chimneys

What we can do to protect ourselves (safety precautions)

  • Apply Sunscreen to your skin
  • Avoid direct contact with Sunlight (Especially at Noon)
  • Use Blinds/Sunscreens and less Air conditioner in cars
  • Use Blinds/Sunscreens and install car sunshades

Global Warming - Sunshades

As I wrote earlier about how we all have to play our roles in order to prevent global warming or to protect everyone while it takes place. QuikSnap is on the rescue. Global warming really? That won’t stop us from running day to day errands. It won’t stop our daily life and the hustle to break the bread. Then what about the itchy neck and sun hitting your face while sitting in your car waiting for that Red light to go green in the heat of LA?

American drivers spend an average of more than 17,600 minutes behind the wheel each year, according to a new survey from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. The research finds that more than 87.5 percent of Americans aged 16 years and older reported driving in the past year. During this time, drivers travelled nearly 10,900 miles on average and spent more than 290 hours on the road.

Do you see where it is going? Alright, let’s come to the point. I am a father of 2 children, and every day, my routine is just like an average American citizen’s. We wake up, get ready, and I drop my children off at their school while on my way to work. After dropping them off, I have to be driving in the town till noon, meeting people for different projects, and summers make it hard for me to work around in my car even when the air conditioners are working.  The sun on my face would make me go red, and literally, it drives one nut. When I picked up my children one day, I felt the need for “Car window shades” that should block the sunlight right on my children’s faces. It always irritates me, let alone my children.

I came back home, started browsing the internet and ordered myself a couple of products over time for my Honda Accord 2009, and there began a new search. The first pair I ordered was an Oval car sunshade, and it came with suction cups. I was very fond of it because it started to block the sun from shining in my back seat, but for my children, the sides were still uncovered, and it caused the same situation every time we drove. Also, the suction cups were a hassle. Installation was a time-consuming process, and it was not a handful every day as we live in a hurry.

Life went on, and the problem was still there until QuikSnap car window shades popped up at my computer screen. By then, I had changed my vehicle and ordered a set for my Ford F150.

QuikSnap car Sunshades has covered it all.

  • Blocks the sunlight
  • Self-supporting frame
  • No suction cups, magnets or hooks
  • Children can install/remove it easily
  • Protects from UV Rays
  • It gives an acceptable angle to see back through the side mirrors
  • Reduces the temperature of your car cabin

This product is it. Quicksnap car sunshade is the best solution and alternative to costly window tints, which happen to be illegal, and you can see through them. Also, QuikSnap is doing very well to protect people from various skin diseases in times of global warming. On the other hand, I urge everyone reading this to commit to themselves and plant a tree at least in the next three days. We all will step towards a safer, better future with a clean environment for ourselves and our children.