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It all starts with the fit.



How do Quiksnap sunshades differ for each listed Mercedes option? All Quiksnap sunshades are custom-built to your particular vehicle. This means that the dimensions of your Mercedes Benz sunshade will depend on the class and year of the Mercedes you own. For example, the Mercedes C-Class will have much smaller window dimensions than say the Mercedes Sprinter van. We make sure to take these details into account! Whether it’s the C-Class or the Sprinter van, the Quiksnap Mercedes Benz sunshade will be custom built to ensure that it is perfectly fit to your vehicle. Dimensions aside, every Quiksnap Mercedes sunshade comes with all the benefits of a high-quality window cover. These shades are built from a premium polyester material along with a double stitched frame, offering a great balance of flexibility and durability. The Quiksnap shades are also easy to install on your Mercedes. Since they are tailor-fitted to your particular Mercedes Class, installation involves merely popping in the Mercedes Benz sun shade onto the window—no tools required. Will Quiksnap sunshades affect the aesthetic of my Mercedes? If you’re wondering how the Quiksnap sunshades will affect the aesthetic of your Mercedes, you need not worry. The clean and stylish design of these shades will not in any way diminish the sleek and luxurious look of your Mercedes. In fact, you may even find you like your car’s aesthetic better with the Mercedes Benz sun shade than without the shade! The Quiksnap shades are also custom built to fit the shape of your Mercedes. Unlike some of the generic shades that only cover part of the window, your Quiksnap Mercedes window shade covers the entirety of the window. The tailored fit gives it a clean, sleek look that Mercedes are known for. How can I tell if the sun shades will fit properly? When shopping for your Quiksnap sunshades, ensure you’ve got your Mercedes Class and model year handy. Select the appropriate sun shade based on your car class and year. By matching your Mercedes class and year with the corresponding Mercedes sunshade categories, you can be confident your shades will fit properly. During installation, you’ll be able to tell right away whether the sun shades fit properly on your Mercedes. Simply match and insert your Mercedes Benz car sun shade according to the shape of your window. Done correctly, the sun shade should snap on easily to your car window. Removing it should also be just as easy—simply press on one corner of the shade and pull off. What does the year mean for my selection? The year for your selection is an important factor in the size of your custom car sun shades for Mercedes. Mercedes updates its line of cars, including window dimensions, every few years. Before you order, make sure you double-check the year of your Mercedes. We offer customized shades for Mercedes vehicles going back to 2001. What if the model or year of my Mercedes isn’t listed here? If the model or year of your Mercedes is not listed on our product page, contact us. All you have to do is provide us with the year and class of your Mercedes. With this information, we’ll do our best to custom build a Mercedes sun shade suitable for your vehicle. We are continually adding new and old models to our extensive list of custom Mercedes Benz sunshades. If your model is not listed here, let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate it! Why Quiksnap? Quiksnap is a one-of-a-kind, tailor-made car sunshade that helps protect you and your loved ones from harmful sun rays. Unlike permanent tinting, Quiksnap sun shades are easily removable when you’re driving during the night. Other benefits of Quiksnap sun shades include: Added privacy: Limit what others can see from the outside, while still being able to see through from the inside. Protect your car internals: Excessive heat and sun rays can damage your dashboard, upholstery, and electronics from the inside of your car. Easy to install: As mentioned, our snap-on mechanism makes it easy for anyone to install without the use of tools. Store anywhere: Store your Quiksnap shades in your trunk, seat pockets, or under your seats. Keep children cool: It’s not fun for kids to be cooped up in the back seat with the scorching sun beaming down on them. Keep them cool and safe with Quiksnap sun shades. Affordable: Compared to window tinting, Quiksnap is a much more affordable option. Tinting can cost anywhere up to $400. Compare that to our Quiksnap Mercedes Benz window shade, which only costs $69.99. Quiksnap has all the benefits you could ask for in a car sun shade. Our shades are functional, easy to install, and affordable. Plus, it looks sleek and clean—perfect for your Mercedes Benz!