Who doesn’t like car rides?

Especially when the weather is pleasant, the first thought that pops up in our minds is to take a long drive. But,  the weather is not always the same. Keeping your car temperature bearable in the summer heat could be a real challenge. Luckily, there are some practices that can help you survive through the scorching heat. Car sunshades are the most used and most effective way of blocking heat waves. It might seem quite straightforward but side window covers actually offer some striking perks. Although window shades work great for every type of car, we will cover the sunshades for SUV users in this article.

Why Should You Get Sunshade For SUV?

The extra seating space and legroom in SUVs are coupled with some extra windows as compared to traditional cars. This means that there are more opportunities for heat flow. So it’s crucial to think about sun protection for SUVs. Exposure to heat not only makes it difficult for you to stay in the car but also affects the car’s interior. Here are some reasons why you should actively consider getting car sun protectors. 

Lower Heat Absorption – Window shields are an effective way to minimize heat absorption and defend against UV radiation. You can considerably reduce the amount of heat that can accumulate inside your car by keeping the sunshades on. 

Facilitate Car Air Conditioning – It is much easier for an air conditioning system to cool down an interior that is at 80 degrees as compared to one that is hitting 120 degrees. The lesser amount of energy would consequently be used to lower the temperature. You can effectively reduce the heat buildup by using car side window shades

Interior Protection – Color fading, interior damage, and warping are some of the consequences of excessive exposure to heat. If you keep your window shades on even when the car is parked you would save your car from absorbing direct heat.

Keep The Electronics From Overheating – The electronic gadgets overheat above the optimum temperature of 70 to 80 degrees. Overheating may lead to serious issues. That’s why it’s recommended not to leave gadgets in cars in the hot weather. The best way to avoid this issue is to try and maintain an optimum temperature inside the car which can be achieved by employing car window shades. 

Maintain Privacy –  Privacy is an added benefit of using shades. The car sun shades not only block the sun ray but also obstruct the view into the car. 

Things To Consider While Buying Sunshades For SUVs

Sunshades are an important accessory for SUVs. So you should buy the shade that is best suited for your car and requirements. Here are some of the things that you should consider while buying the car side window shades. 

  • Budget

The first thing that matters in purchasing anything is your budget. Although most of the window shields are reasonably priced, it is still important to decide how much you want to spend on a sunshade. This approach will help you narrow your options down. 

  • Window Measurements 

Window shields are typically available in a variety of sizes. So in order to make the most of the car shades, make sure to  precisely measure the car windows. Only then would the windshield be able to fit your car windows properly and provide optimal performance.

  • Usage Requirement 

Different types of window shields are available based on the usage. Some sunshades are suitable for use when the car is parked. While there are other variants as well that are used during driving. Consider your usage and identify the type of sun shade you want for your SUV. you can also opt for custom sun shade for your SUV. A custom-made sunshade would definitely be a better choice with regards to utility. However, it may also cost comparatively more than a standard pre-made sunshade. 

  • Storage Mechanism 

Although window shades are an important element for cars. But it is to be kept in mind that they are not always in use. For example, you don’t employ them in pleasant weather or at night. So there should be a proper space where you would store them when not in use. The SUVs are typically spacious enough to hold the shades. However, foldable window shades are available to eliminate the storage issue. The sun shades also come in dedicated storage containers for easy storage. 

Some Final Thoughts 

Car window sun shades, without a doubt, are a  useful accessory. From preventing people from peeping in the car to maintaining a suitable temperature inside the car, SUV sunshades offer a number of benefits. Being an inexpensive element, it offers extensive value for money. Thinking about your sun protection is an important consideration to optimize the functional value of your car. So make sure to regard it and get the right sun shades for your car.