Summer not only affect humans but also everything around us. Every year, when summer draws near, we all rush to figure out how to keep ourselves, our homes, our electronics, and our cars cool. My personal opinion is that cars are the most used and affected item in summer. Because when we use them, they are exposed to the sun and heat, and even when they are parked in a garage, they are still affected by the sun and heat.

Our car’s interior will be kept cool by a variety of measures, from urgently seeking shady spots to keeping the windows cracked to buying solar power fans. However, using the Car sunshade is one of the most widely used strategies for lowering the temperature inside your car. These products have been around you and come in a huge variety of designs and setups. 

In this article, we will check different types of sunshades and their advantages and disadvantages.

Do Sunshades Actually Help you to Cool your car?

Yes, Offcourse. Car sunshades do help to lower the inside temperature of your car. How?

Sunshades lower the temperature of your car by reflecting or absorbing sun rays. Basically, sunshades are of two categories. Some are reflective sunshades, that reflect solar radiation and dangerous UV rays from the sun while others have absorbing capability. Reflective sunshades are considered to be more effective as they reflect back while non-reflective absorb the rays that pass through the window. According to certain testing, the internal temperature of your car can drop by 30 degrees or more.

How do Sunshades work?

Your car’s interior absorbs the sun’s rays that don’t bounce back when they enter. Your dash and seats take up the majority of the heat. As a result, your car heats up quickly since there is no route for the heat to escape once it has been absorbed and converted to heat.

Moreover, the life of your car’s dashboard can be drastically shortened by direct sunshine and extreme heat. Sun shades installed in the front windshield can significantly lower the temperature inside your car while also protecting it from sun damage. 

Sunshades can be made from a variety of materials, such as foam, polyester, mesh, and aluminum foil, depending on what type of shade they are. There are many alternatives available when searching for a premium car sunshade.

If you are using reflective sunshades, the reflective side of a traditional reflective sunshade should always face out, and the black side should face inside. Solar heat is reflected back outside the windshield by the reflective foil side before it gets into your vehicle.

Whatever type of sunshade you buy, make sure the black side is pointed inside unless otherwise instructed.

What Are the Benefits of using Car Sun Shades?

In summary, the following are some benefits of using car shades.

  • Cool the interior of your vehicle by reducing its overall temperature
  • Improves the efficiency of your air conditioning system by reducing the amount of time it takes to cool your vehicle
  • Maintains dashboard integrity by preventing splits and cracks
  • Protects leather seats from fading
  • It prevents electronics from being damaged by excessive heat.

How Many Types of Luxury Car SunShades Available?

There are mainly three types of sunshades. They are retractable, conventional, and  foldable/collapsible. Although they have specific variances, all three variants will effectively accomplish the same task.

Conventional Sunshades

The most typical sunshades are standard ones. And they are most widely used. These are the kind that unfolds like an accordion and is ordinarily quite affordable. They work as intended despite being difficult to install and take off before traveling.


  • Work as we intend
  • Affordable and widely available in most stores.


  • Difficult to Install
  • Not so attractive, May dull your car’s look

Collapsible Sunshades 

There is a big improvement between collapsible sunshades and standard ones. The majority of them come in small storage bags so they can be easily stored in your car. Folding them up is faster and easier than the accordion style. A little more appealing than traditional sunshades, they are easier to install.


  • Simple to install
  • Folds up into a little travel bag, 
  • Appealing looks good.


  • Not Pocket friendly
  • Available in different sizes, not used universally

Retractable Sunshades 

The easiest sunshades to maintain are retractable ones. There are usually two brackets that attach to a windshield with suction cups on either side. Following the installation of the brackets, fasten the sunshade to the passenger-side bracket. In order to attach the sunshade to the second bracket, you must slide it across the length of the windshield first from the bracket on the driver’s side when you’re ready to drive, and it will retract to the other side on its own. This is by far the most practical choice, although they are more expensive.


  • Trimmable for the Perfect Fit
  • One Hand Operation


  • The most expensive choice
  • Initial Setup Takes More Time Than Alternatives


It all boils down to personal preference when picking a sunshade. Each has advantages and disadvantages but overall they all serve the same purpose. In this article, I tried to provide some clarification regarding how effectively sunshades keep your automobile cool throughout the summer heat. Hope this will help you.

Take care of yourself and your luxury car this summer.