Customer Spotlight: Real Stories of Car Sunshade Success

Customer Spotlight: Real Stories of Car Sunshade Success

If you drive a vehicle on a sunny day in Los Angeles, the term “burnt under the sun” might be an oft-repeated phrase. What’s worse? Getting your bottoms fried after having the car parked on the curb right underneath the merciless Houston sun or having the palms of your hands charred.

All these occurrences can be minimized by always using an auto sunshade to cover all windows and screens.

Do people really use car shades?

The answer is: Yes, of course. Unless you want to pay more for gas and get a sunburn in your attempt to reach the grocery store. Here are top 5 reasons why you should have a set of sunshades in your car, ready for installation, at all times:

  1. Stay protected against the harmful UVA and UVB radiations
  2. Protect the car’s interior and upholstery against solar damage
  3. Maintain a lower internal temperature
  4. Uphold privacy and ward-off unwanted peeking in
  5. Add a chic look to the car

Sun shade success stories

The adventure-seeker’s tale

“I love going on short, impromptu trips to Florida whenever I need to catch a break from the messy corporate life. I am an accountant so there’s a lot going on in the office in many ways that only the beach can fix. But, my short breaks are almost always turned into a live BBQ where I am being grilled top to bottom under the sweltering sun. No amount of sunscreen and the window tint could stop me from being ruddy the moment I step out of the car. Where’s the fun in getting a tan from the car and not the beach? A friend suggested that I install car shades and that’s been a game-changer. I am no longer sweating and burning from travel. The AC runs better and I have definitely noticed a decline in my gas consumption. Getting the best sun shade for car has made my Florida trips x10 more enjoyable.”

The mother’s solace

“Being a single parent with mouths to feed, it’s been a hard time juggling between my roles as a mom and as an employee. Thankfully, my office has a reliable daycare that doesn’t cost a limb. The first day I took my daughter with me to the office, hardly a 20 minute drive from my place, I felt this wet sensation as I cradled her into my arms out of the car seat. Turns out, the rear view setting in the backseat exposed my baby directly to the sun and the AC couldn’t do much in this situation. Even if I managed to get the windows tinted, getting the rear windshield tinted would cost me a fortune. I looked up sun protection options and found out about sunshades with easy installation options. These removable sun protectors have made mornings easier, while protecting my child from the ruthless sunlight and making the AC work better. The best part? They are affordable. Every penny was spent well.” 

The environmentalist sidekick

“As an eco-enthusiast, I am always delving for new ways to conserve energy while opting for products that do the job without producing much waste. Using a car is an absolute necessity, but the heatwave and wildfires have altered the commute conditions. I have to turn on the AC. I looked into window tints but didn’t opt for them because of the need for frequent replacements. On the other hand, vegan polyester sun shades did exactly what I was aiming for: reduced car emissions by lowering the interior temperature so that AC worked more efficiently and were produced with minimal waste. Sunshades are truly environmentally friendly.”

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