About QuikSnap

Quiksnap is a destination for personalized, custom car sunshades that offer both functionality and style. The durable materials and precise fit ensure maximum coverage and protection. Drive in comfort and make a statement on the road with a custom car sunshade from Quiksnap.

Quiksnap Features

Premium Quality
Quiksnap sunshades are made with the highest quality polyester fabric, providing breath-ability without compromising on sun protection.

Easy to Use
Installing Quiksnap sunshades is effortless and simple. No additional accessories like straps, suction cups, or magnets are required.

Convenient and Reusable
Quicksnap sunshades can be easily removed and reused whenever needed. Each set of shades comes with a Quiksnap storage bag, allowing you to pack them safely and keep them organized.

  • I like that it really works keeping the sun from beaming in on me! I wish they made one for the front windshield! The best purchase I had this far.

    Charlotte Mixon

  • These shades are an absolute game changer. Not only are they incredibly easy to install seriously, it took me less than a minute but they also provide a level of comfort.


  • We own a 2019 Hyundai Tucson and these fit and work as advertised. Easy to put in place and remove as desired. I love how they fit perfectly on my windows.

    John Dwyer

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