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Car Sunshades for Ultimate Protection

Keep your driving experience up-to-date with our state of the art car accessories. Our custom-fit window shades are designed to keep out most of the sunlight and heat ensuring your comfort.

Our car window screens are crafted from premium quality polyester. They act as solar blinds by blocking most of the solar heat and at the same time, ensuring the longevity of your car’s interior.

QuikSnap’s window shade for cars acts as an affordable alternative to traditional window tints by providing effective UV blockingand reduces glaresfrom the sun.


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$89.99 | 4 Doors

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100 reasons to choose Quiksnap

Why Quiksnap?

  • Pet Protection
  • UV Blocking
  • UV Protection
  • Privacy Protection
  • Breathable
  • Child heat protect
  • Cabinet temperature control
  • Roll down your window unto 50%

Because we care

Children Protection

Safeguard your little ones with QuikSnap's snugly fitting car shades that snap into place without causing any choking hazards and ensuring a safe journey throughout. Our sun shades are designed for windows of various car models.

Enjoy your travel journey with confidence and stay worry free with QuikSnap’s car accessories. We equip your car with easy to install and energy efficient sunscreens that ensure UV blocking and reduce glare for your safety and the safety of your loved ones.



Car Window Sunshades

Awesome product! Does it's job for sure. Fits like a glove on my 2010 Audi Q5. If you are not sure if it fits your car, you need to put a vehicle to your "garage" and Amazon will tell you if it fits. It's acts as a sun shade AND privacy shield. I always eat in my car and hate when people watch me. And sometimes I sleep in my car so I want the privacy.

Sam Davis

We own a 2019 Hyundai Tucson and these fit and work as advertised. Easy to put in place and remove as desired.

John Dwyer

It is as easy as their video says. Super easy to install. I like it better than those cheap shades with suction cups. One downside is little awkward to store inside a car when we have a full crew. Also make sure to take these off for night driving.


My wife and I have been using these shades and we love them. I have always had tints on all my cars but since I got these shades I don’t feel the need to get my cars tinted anymore. They provide excellent protection whenever I need it. Highly Recommended.


I like that it really works keeping the sun from beaming in on me! I wish they made one for the front windshield!😁. The best purchase I had this far ❤👍

Charlotte Mixon

These shades are amazing !! They really do the job of blocking the sun without spending 300$ ..They are easy to slip-on and easy to slip of ..But they really look good on the windows and block the heat from the car!! I definitely would recommend them !!!!!