Custom Car Window Shades

QuikSnap was founded in 2014. It is a US based company providing custom fit car sunshades for over 200 brands of cars. In the early stages, we started off with just 6 car makers and grew to cover as much as we could over time. It’s like “started from the bottom now we here”.

Window tinting of the cars in the US was both illegal and costly, people ended up spending a lot of money and still had their tinting papers ripped off by the authorities. The scorching heat was unbearable for many car owners here in Los Angeles even after having their air conditioners working on the maximum capacity. The sun directly on to your face passing through a glass just causes an itchy situation. So the benefits were clear and definitely more than enough to put our focus right onto such a product that protects you from ultraviolet sun rays while you are driving around the town running errands.

It is Great for kids! If you ask me honestly kids absolutely love QuikSnap car sunshades. It gives them a calm room at the back of their parent’s car to chill out while parents are driving around the town after picking them up from school. You feel me?

QuikSnap car sunshades basically protect your skin from having direct exposure to the sun. It drops the temperature within the car when it’s burning outside. It adds privacy to your car which has been proven to be very useful for long-term parking and on the top of it all it is re-usable. Which means you can just put them on the window, with the self-supporting frame technology. The shade needs no suction cups or magnets or any adhesives. You can JUST SNAP IT ON and detach them whenever you want. Just pull them off and store them on the back side of the rear seats. Simple!

So QuikSnap fills this market gap by providing you with a product which snaps on and off easily, is less costly and you don’t have to worry about the authorities anymore. It’s a win-win situation for everybody.