Ultimate Guide to Car Sunshades: What they are and why you should buy them

What does a car sun shield do?

More than sun protection

We are all familiar with car sun shield options including tints and shade. They are more than just another automobile accessory. They are a component of your car, just like its tail light or its seat covers. They add value to your vehicle by controlling interior temperature and protecting the skin of you and your loved ones from Sun’s harmful UV rays. Custom fit vehicle sunshades transform traveling experiences into memorable journeys.

Enjoy peace of mind

The best auto sun visor and vehicle sunshade is the one that complements your car’s exterior while protecting the interior from solar heat damage. More than protection against the harmful UV rays, shades offer privacy protection for those inside the vehicle. It may be your family, friends, pets or some prized possessions. Privacy and protection are only two of the many reasons why you need to have a set of window shades always ready for installation wherever you go. This is exactly what QuikSnap is here to provide: multiple needs met with a single best rated car sun shades.

What makes the QuikSnap the best car sunshade?

What use is vehicle sunshade when it takes more than one pair of hands to put it in place? Another nuisance would be additional equipment to be carried for installation. QuikSnap has replaced all these hassle-laden window shades with its custom fit snap-on technology: a single snap is all it takes to install and remove. The double-stitched frame adds sturdiness to the frame so that even kids can try putting it in without damage.

Whether you have to commute with your kids to the soccer match on a sunny day in Phoenix or are driving to your workplace under the relentless Houston sun, QuikSnap saves the day. With custom fit technology for every vehicle, attain an edge-to-edge car window UV protection. The perfect fit means no dangling or peeking out shade corners and certainly no blockade of the side windows. Drive safely and comfortably.

Do I need the QuikSnap windshield sunshade cover?

Park anywhere!

Have you ever dared to park your car on the roadside in Miami, Florida? If yes, you’d understand that it takes only a couple of hours for the steering wheel to become unbearably hot and the interior to feel like the inside of an oven. This leads to exceeded gas consumption in order to maintain the interior temperature of the vehicle.

Spend less time looking for the best parking spot when you’re already short of time in the shopping mall parking by snapping in the QuikSnap window shade for the ultimate protection.

Security and safety

Continuous exposure to UV rays can lower the quality of the car’s interior and lead to parched leather seats and faded colors. Not covering with a windshield sunshade cover also increases the vulnerability to robbery and car break-ins if you ever happen to park in an unguarded spot.

Single-step installation of QuikSnap’s best auto sun visor for the windshield can protect your car from solar damage and against criminal intrusion.

Do car windows have UV protection?

Yes, many car models have an inherent UV protection technology but it may not always perform. Under the blazing summer sun of Las Vegas, Nevada, windows with UV protection will not filter radiation as effectively as an auto sunshade. QuikSnap works great as a reinforcement for the car’s built-in UV protection mechanism and even works to reduce the overall interior temperature of the car.

It is always wise to confirm the status of your car’s UV protection from the manufacturer before deciding to forgo the need for window shades. It is almost always recommended to use them to be on the safer side to keep the interior in mint condition and skin disease at bay.

Are sunshades better than car window tint UV protection?

Absolutely and here is why:

Easy installation

As opposed to the hectic and hassle-laden installation process of other window shades which may even require professional assistance, QuikSnap’s custom fit vehicle sunshades offer a user-friendly installation process as an easy solution. The installation process is so simple that even a kid can easily install and uninstall the shade with ease.

Effective heat-blockade

Choosing the best auto sun visor, like QuikSnap, blocks the sun’s harmful UV rays before it even enters the car. At best, the highest quality window tint will only filter a small percentage of the UV radiation while allowing others in.

Better esthetics

QuikSnap vehicle sunshades are manufactured exclusively for specific car models not only for optimal fit but also to make a fashion statement. Tints lack this aspect and fade quite quickly, especially under brighter and sunnier days.


Despite being made with high quality polyester material, QuikSnap window shades allow you to protect your car from any external intrusion at a reasonable price.

What are the benefits of car UV window protection?

Skin protection

The sun emits three kinds of UV rays, of which UVA and UVB adversely affect human health. Exposure to these types leads to various skin problems that range from superficial burns to increased risk of skin cancers such as Basal Cell Carcinoma.

Additionally, certain groups of diseases make us vulnerable to skin damage owing to prolonged UV exposure, which include vitiligo patients and albinos. Both pediatric and geriatric passengers need to be well protected from the sunlight, especially if they have to travel often and for a long period of time.

Sunscreens alone do not protect from screen damage, but QuikSnap window shades offer reliable UV protection for car windows so that harmful rays never enter the car, protecting the passengers from all perils of the sweltering Houston suns.

Maintaining interior longevity

Continuous, unimpeded exposure to sunlight during the day can cause the upholstery to crack and lose its glaze. Dashboards and panels can suffer the same fate if left at the mercy of the sun. Looking for a shaded area to park in is time-consuming and not a practical solution to a problem that can lower your car’s value manifold. Expect to suffer major losses when and if you plan to sell the car with its faded and weather-beaten interior.

QuikSnap vehicle sunshades prevent solar radiation from entering the inside of the car, making it safer during travel and even when it is parked outside in the ruthless Dallas summer days.

Make rides child-friendly

Rear-facing car seats, usually installed in the back, are the safest mode of traveling with your little ones. This arrangement still leaves them vulnerable to the dangers associated with solar damage and can make them cranky during car rides. It’s a hazard to be on the road with a toddler getting restless with the sunlight glaring right into his face.

This is why QuikSnap offers single-hand installation of its vehicle sunshades and effective sunlight blockade to make the interiors comfortable for younger passengers. Bid adieu to fussy mornings and car rides!

Become a fashion icon

If you want to upgrade the way your car looks without going overboard, QuikSnap’s top rated car sun shades are exactly what you need. Compared to window tints, these shades are more appealing and add a dash of grace to your car’s exterior.

Major gas savings

The car’s engine goes into overdrive to keep the inside cooler during the long summer days of Denver, Colorado. The continuous consumption of AC uses a lot of gas. By reducing the internal temperature and effectively blocking the solar heat, QuikSnap’s window shades can help you save a lot of money otherwise spent on gas.

Enjoy greater privacy & security

Women, especially those who are breastfeeding, deserve to feel safe and secure in their car without any fear of intrusion. Besides acting as optimal UV protection for car windows, these sunshades completely block out the inside view of the car from the outside. Thus making it safe for anyone to stay inside their car without any fear of external intrusion.

Make your furballs cozy

Aren’t pets the best travel companions? But, not all places are pet friendly and sometimes you have to leave your pals behind for a quick second. By installing QuikSnap’s window shades, you can keep the AC running for your furries and run really quick errands without worrying about the interior of the car overheating.

Target audience

1.The modern woman
Women make up about half the total workforce around the world. It’s a miracle because while women are becoming more industrious outside the home, they are also fulfilling their roles as functional family members.

Children now accompany their working mothers to their offices and this is why they need the best car window blinds to make rides comfortable for everyone. It also imparts a greater sense of security to these successful mothers by not allowing any peeks on the inside. QuikSnap’s affordable, custom fit and easy-to-install mechanism means that there is one less task in the morning: spending a lot of time making the car cozy for moms and kids!

2. The environmental enthusiasts
Sustainability is QuikSnap’s hallmark. Made from 100% eco-friendly materials, these window UV protection options protect the environment from combustion by-products by decreasing gas consumption through internal temperature decrease. Their tested longevity means lesser replacements and ultimately, lesser waste.

3. The tech geeks
Exploring smarter options with minimal accessories, tech-savvy people love the installation mechanism of QuikSnap. Simply, snap the vehicle sunshade and other windows into place. No extra gadgets, no equipment and no science!

4. Those with skin conditions
Albinos, vitiligo patients and others who simply seem to be more prone to sunburns are big fans of QuikSnap’s vehicle sunshade UV protection feature. They can now travel without having to worry about solar heat and UV radiation perils for very long journeys.

5. The adventurer
For those always seeking adventure and thrill, QuikSnap offers custom fit vehicle sunshades for road trips. Especially if you are heading to Orlando, Florida, you don’t need to burn yourself in the sun for the fun. Simply install QuikSnap’s window shades to have fun comfortably!

6. The luxury-lover
Own a classy car that makes head turns but doesn’t have good car window tint UV protection? QuikSnap is the only fashionable solution to this problem. The high quality polyester with designs specifically tailored to your car’s make and model means that not only do you get a comfortable driving experience but can also make a style statement.

7. The driving student
Being a student, yet to make a sufficient income for a living shouldn’t deter you from protecting yourself and your automobile from sun damage. The affordable range of window shades by QuikSnap is for everyone.

8. The family man
Being the head of a family is to be wary of every choice you make in your life because it needs to be in the best interest of your loved ones. QuikSnap offers complete car coverage, from the rearview mirror to the side windows, so you can enjoy comfortable car drives as a family.