Innovative Tech-Driven Car Sunshades: A Look into the Future

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The future of automotive accessories is here. After self-navigating smart cars the next big thing in the industry is: automated and intelligent car sun shield range. Imagine never having to worry about installation, fit and the glaring UV ruining the car driving experience.

Benefits of smart car shades

The benefits of the avant-garde sunshade technology are too many to enlist, but the most blatant ones are:

  • Efficiency: no more installation woes
  • Comfortable driving experience
  • Enhanced security and privacy
  • Better protection from solar radiation
  • Increased gas savings
  • Durability and longevity
  • Greater room for customization
  • Integration with the car’s smart system

Features of futuristic sun protectors for cars

There are a great many brands that are currently offering these new-tech sunshields. Each type has a different combination of the smart features with a variable level of automation. For the purpose of categorization, the following features are commonly available:

Intelligent materials

An experiment done at MIT yielded a variety of solar shades that could change opacity based on the intensity of light it filtered. During the day, when the sun is in all its glory, the shades shift to optimal opacity to filter UVB effectively and turn translucent as the evening approaches. Such technology is referred to as photochromic and may be imparted either by a material with inherent properties or may be controlled smartly with a remote.

However, the two major limitations of this technology are:

  • Takes some time before the change in translucency takes place
  • May not shift to complete opacity despite high-light exposure.

Augmented Reality (AR) sun shade for car windshield

Imagine never having to look at the phone or the LCD screen for navigation and music control. This is exactly what the advanced AR sun protectors offer. They have a built-in display system that offers important real-time information about the gas levels, tyre air pressures, sideway traffic, maps, internal temperature and drive modes without the driver having to take their eyes off the road.

This comes with a catch:

  • Some people might find the information an optical hindrance
  • Might not offer integration with all car systems

Voice controlled shades

Just give a verbal prompt to the protectors fitted in the windows to do what is needed. This feature greatly reduces distractions and interferences for the driver, making the whole journey comfortable.

Some downsides of this feature are:

  • Commands maybe muffled due to road noise
  • Not user-friendly when driving with kids.

Anti-theft sun shades

The latest, smart sunshades have integrations that can potentially ward-off intrusion and robbery. Such types of smart shades have built-in GPS tracking and alarm systems that can send real-time notifications to your attached smart device in the event of a criminal activity.

However, such shades may also:

  • Raise false alarms
  • Be expensive

These and many more smart car sunshades are all the rage in 2023. See which type suits your needs the best and make a wise investment for a better traveling experience.

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