The Eco-Friendly Advantage: Solar-Reflective Car Sunshades

With increasing consciousness about environmental protection and sustainability, every small step towards curbing deterioration of the ecosystem is a win. If we all play our very minor part in making planet Earth a better place to live in for the generations to come, change will become inevitable.

Protection of cars, their interiors and the passengers using car shades is gradually becoming the norm. Various cohorts of people, from working parents to environmentalists, are now opting for sunshades as a means of protection from the sunlight.

Become the proponent of change

One way to reduce the carbon footprint of your automotive is to use car sun shield covers. You may be puzzled by this suggestion, but here is why this is an excellent advice:

Decreased AC consumption

According to various estimates, the car’s air conditioning system uses up at least 2-10% of the fuel. The figures obviously increase during hotter days and in an idle car with a running AC.

Using solar-reflective car shades can reduce the car’s internal temperature by at least 50%. This makes the inside cooler and more comfortable while reducing the fuel consumed by the minute. Lesser hydrocarbon emissions are just one of the many environmental-friendly effects of car sun shades.

Better fuel efficiency

Keep greenhouse gas production and emissions to a minimum by taking the load off the car’s engine. Using solar-reflective shades improves the car’s mileage and lesser fuel is combusted along the way.

Lesser need for battery replacements

By decreasing battery usage, you can contribute to lessening waste. Electric and hybrid cars that run essentially on batteries can benefit greatly from a cooler car interior, thanks to the solar-reflective sun shades.

Save money and the environment by installing sunshades for your electric/hybrid car model.

Extended upholstery life

Solar heat is one of the biggest dangers to car’s interiors. Continuous, unabated exposure to the sun can lead to cracks and irreparable damage to the dashboard and the upholstery. This leads to increased replacements and greater waste that needs to be disposed of.

Installation of windshield sunshade cover can effectively block the entry of solar heat and UVB into the car’s interior. This protects the interior at a very minimal cost and decreases waste.

Lesser environmental impact

As compared to the production of other means of blocking out solar heat, car sun shades are the most eco-friendly. The manufacturing of these car accessories produce minimal, if any, waste that can be disposed of responsibly without the need for specialized disposal systems. The use of shades also decreases the need for using sprays and harmful cleaning agents that release CFCs into the environment. The release of such components contributes to the thinning of the ozone layer.

The decreased need for replacement further decreases environmental concerns. In the long term, the carbon footprint of nylon and polyester is lesser than their alternatives.

Are you ready to become part of the change? Get sun shades for your car to make your contribution.

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