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It is a section on our website that provides concise answers to common customer inquiries. It serves as a helpful resource, offering quick solutions and information about our products, services, policies, and more. By referring to the FAQ section, customers can find answers to their questions efficiently, enhancing their overall experience.

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1. How do I know what size is the right fit?

Finding the right sunshades for your car is easy. Spot the logo of your car on our website, choose the model name and year given on the website, place the order and leave the rest on us.

2. Do I need to know any technical aspects for installation?

QuikSnap Sunshades are unique in that regard. Even your
children can install it just in under 2 seconds without the use of any
additional tolls and magnets.

3. How long does it take for QuikSnap to deliver? Where are we shipping from?

QuikSnap Sunshades are dispatched from the US warehouse at the same day of the order processed. It is a 3 – 4 day express shipping (Free of cost within The United States) while International shipping take 6 – 10 business days and additional charges of $29.99 (Worldwide).

4. My order will not process and states some errors.

In such scenarios
please make sure to enter the correct Billing and Shipping Credentials. If you
still face problems you can order through or send in an
email to us on the following address :

5. How many Sun shades are in the packaging?

QuikSnap offers a standard set of 4 doors (each window) that comes with a premium storage bag.

6. Can we roll down the car windows with QuikSnap Sunshades Installed?

We do not recommend using QuikSnap with windows down when a car is in motion. However, In a parked state you can definitely use QuikSnap Sunshades with your windows down.

7. Can we order are placement of one or two door sunshades?

QuikSnap covers more than 200 cars and to minimize the errors we only sell a standard set of 4 sunshades.

8. I can not find sunshades for my vehicle in the list.

If you are unable to find the sun shades for your car brand
please let us know at or fill out the form here.

9. Does QuikSnap offer discounts and coupons?

QuikSnap Sunshades are already being sold at a consumer
friendly price but you never know!

10. I am a Vendor, can I order bulk quantity?

We encourage and support all the retailers and wholesellers to work with us. For the criteria please get in touch via email at

11. Is the website Secure to leave my personal details for a transaction?

Absolutely, our domain is secured with the SSL certificates up to date and is monitored by the team of experts to make sure the information is kept private and is discarded after the transaction.