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Subaru Sunshade For Windows

Subaru Sunshade For Windows

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Window Sun Shades for Subaru: Unmatched Protection and Style

Embark on your family’s road adventure with QuikSnap custom made sun shades for Subaru. Whether it is Subaru Forester sun visor mount or Subaru Crosstrek sun shield, at QuikSnap, you will find a variety of custom designed sun shades to match your Subaru aesthetic. Even in adverse weather, our Subaru sunshade lineup, featuring the Subaru Crosstrek sunshade and Subaru Forester sunshade, offers unparalleled protection. Safeguard your loved ones from harmful UV rays, particularly if you or your little ones have sensitive skin.


DIMENSION : 2.5 X 4.0 3MM Thickness
WEIGHT: 0.5 Kilogram Per set
WARRANTY: 14 Days Return Policy

Experience comprehensive protection with our Subaru windshield sun shade and Subaru window shade, delivering unbeatable benefits. These shades not reflect damaging UV rays but also excel in heat control, glare reduction, and maintaining privacy during your travels. QuikSnap makes driving a Subaru an epitome of comfort and security.

Tailored Craftsmanship and Unbeatable Features: At QuikSnap, we take pride in fashioning our car side window sunshades from top-quality polyester material and triple laminate construction, offering a custom fit for each Subaru model, including the Subaru Forester sun visor mount. The triple laminate construction, coupled with a silver finish with a black Cobb logo, ensures a stylish touch while keeping your vehicle cooler and protected.

Innovative Construction for Lasting Performance: Our sun shades feature a robust twelve-gauge wire frame, guaranteeing a secure placement on your Subaru. The foam core not only acts as insulation but also contributes to the door panel's structural integrity, providing additional benefits beyond UV protection. QuikSnap offers a tailored solution, addressing specific features like the window switch and the door panel in Subaru models like the Subaru Impreza.

QuikSnap - Your Trusted Choice for Subaru Sun Protection: Choose the ultimate in sun protection with QuikSnap - the brand Subaru owners can depend on. With custom designs like the Crosstrek sunshade, Subaru Crosstrek sun shield, and more, we ensure that each shade is custom fit to your Subaru model. The inclusion of features like a storage bag and adherence to the distinctive Subaru aesthetic makes QuikSnap the go-to choice for Subaru WRX and other models. Enjoy the road confidently, knowing that QuikSnap has you covered with a 14-day return policy, providing added peace of mind on your Subaru journey.

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