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Volvo Sun shade For Windows

Volvo Sun shade For Windows

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Window Sun Shades for Volvo: Share the Comfort with Friends

QuikSnap Volvo sunshade is the ideal companion for your extended family road trips or daily routines. Whether it's the biting chill of winter or the scorching heat of summer, the sun's relentless rays can impact your car. Our custom-fit Volvo sunshades offer essential protection, limiting exposure to harmful UV rays, making them a must-have, especially if you or your children have sensitive skin.


DIMENSION : 2.5 X 4.0 3MM Thickness
WEIGHT: 0.5 Kilogram Per set
WARRANTY: 14 Days Return Policy

Heat Control and UV Protection
Experience cool and comfortable interiors no matter the season. QuikSnap Volvo sun shades effectively reduce heat buildup using triple laminate construction, making your summer journeys more enjoyable.

Drive safely with reduced glare from the sun rays and damaging heat. QuikSnap Volvo sun shade enhances visibility, ensuring a clear view of the road ahead for Volvo owners like you.

Privacy Control
Enjoy added privacy during your drives. QuikSnap Volvo sun visors provide a sense of security, protecting you and your passengers from prying eyes.

Share the Comfort
With our extended accessibility, QuikSnap makes it easy for you to share the joy with your friends by following a few simple steps.

  • Open the wish list to view your QuikSnap accessory wish list.
  • Choose a quantity and click add to customize your order.
  • Experience consultation with your Volvo by getting expert advice from your Volvo dealer in assisting you with color choices and other preferences.
  • Click the button “Save” to save your personalized wish list to your Volvo account for future reference.
  • Click the button “Share” to let your friends in on the fantastic QuikSnap experience.
  • If you change your mind, simply click "Cancel" to return to your wish list without sharing.
  • Confirm that your wish list is shared successfully to let your friends enjoy the same comfort.


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